Prescription Refills

First, please call your pharmacy for refills of your medications.  If you have no more refills, it is likely that you need to schedule an appointment at our office.  We require at least an annual visit for all patients on prescription medications.  If you are unsure whether you are required to schedule a visit, please call our office to confirm and schedule if needed.  You may also request refills through the Patient Portal.  It may take 48 hours for refills to be sent to your pharmacy, so plan accordingly.  We cannot call in refills for controlled medications, you are required to pick these prescriptions up at our office.  Please check your medication supply regularly to make sure that you have enough to last on weekends and holidays as these will not be called in outside of regular office hours.


We understand that medications are often expensive.  Our providers try to write generic medications when appropriate, please ask us about making generic substitutions if you are having difficulty affording your medications. 

Finding less expensive medications can be as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 -  Here's how:

1) Find a pharmaceutical company discount.  Locate the manufacturer site on the internet by searching under the name of your medication.  Many are listed as, for example.  Once you have found the real manufacturer site, look for a link to patient discounts or savings card or coupons.  These often provide savings up to 50% or bring the price down to $25 - $50 per medication, if you qualify.

2) Use a pharmacy discount card.  Our favorite is called the Indiana Drug Card which you can find by clicking  HERE.  This card is FREE and may save you up to 75% on your medications.  You may pick up pre-activated cards at our office that are ready to use. 

3) Price compare!  Go to and search which pharmacy has the cheapest cost on all of your medications.  This site does NOT require an account or any passwords and is totally FREE!  Many pharmacies have lists of reduced cost or even FREE medications on their websites.  In our area, Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart offer discounts, (click on the store name to go straight to their lists).  Smaller, privately run pharmacies, like Low Cost in Camby, may have lower prices overall.  Be careful where you shop as your insurance may require that you go to a particular pharmacy.  Frequently, mail-order pharmacies can offer bulk discounts if you get 90 days worth of medications at a time, instead of 30 days.