Referrals to Specialists

Many specialists in the area require a referral from our office before scheduling you for a consultation.  This involves our providers assessing you medically, writing a brief note to the specialist, then sending them your most recent office note, labs, and other test results.  This is done to ensure the specialist has the most accurate and up to date information on your medical condition.  Our staff often needs to fill out forms requesting the appointment as well as satisfying the rules of your insurance company so that you do not get billed for the visit to the specialist.  Therefore, we require that you be seen in our office before we complete the referral.  Occasionally, specialists are willing to see patients without a referral from their primary care provider.  This often depends on your insurance coverage and their office policy.  You may call their office to inquire directly. 

Where Do I Get My Tests Done?

Blood Work
We run a few lab tests in our office (called point of care testing) so you can get results right at your visit.  We also partner with Mid-America Clinical Labs (MACL) to draw blood in our office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am - noon.  MACL is accepted by most insurance plans, including Medicare.   St.Francis managed Medicaid patients must go to a St.Francis facility for all testing.   Other commercial insurance plans may require you to go to IU Health, Community, or Labcorp.  If you are a cash pay patient, Any Lab Now in Greenwood has the lowest local pricing. 

Remember, always check with your insurance first!  These are just general guidelines. 


General x-rays can be done most easily at St.Francis Hospital, Mooresville.  Plain x-rays do not require an appointment.  You can walk in at any time (with an order) for these.  After 5:30pm, register for your test through the Emergency Department.

Other tests like mammograms, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds and DEXA scans require pre-scheduling.  Call 317-783-8555 to schedule for any St.Francis location (Mooresville, Greenwood, Indianapolis or Plainfield).   A few alternatives for imaging are Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Greenwood or Avon for x-rays, MRI, CT, ultrasound or Proscan Imaging in Avon for MRI and ultrasound.